Travels By Edge

From the beautiful islands of the Philippines šŸ

Mabuhay! I’m Edge Dulatas! This is my first-ever blog! Actually, I’m not a techy person. (I don’t even know how to edit my blog. haha!) My english grammar is not that good. But my passion for travel and photos is way beyond my excuses. I’m taking it one step at a time. I’m sharing my experiences and learning new things at the same time. I know I haven’t been everywhere….. I’m looking forward to where I wanted to be….. Someday, somehow…..

I wanted to learn from you guys as well. Hope to meet bloggers from all around the world.I enjoy reading blog posts too! That’s what inspires me to create my own.

I am from the beautiful islands of the Philippines…….

I am a proud Filipina.


Thanks for reading! Maraming Salamat!






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