Thirsty Thirty in El Nido, Palawan

by: Edge Dulatas

Thirty is truly a milestone for me. I am thankful for the years that God gave me. It is, indeed, fun and challenging all at the same time. 2018 is a tough year for me. I become sick and it took me (or the doctors) a while to figure it out. I have hyperthyroidism. It’s hereditary. Don’t worry, it’s not contagious. My body feels so weak, my heart beats irregularly, my hands were shaking, eyes slightly swollen, lost some weight, i feel tired easily and whole lot more! I’m going to the Doctor since December 2017. And from then, I’ve been taking medication every single day. From 7 medicines a day, now down to 1 capsule a day. (Thank God!) I still have it and have to go see my doctor once a month plus blood extraction (laboratory blood exam). I’m not complaining. Just saying. And I am thankful I’m getting better. That’s the most important thing…. To always stay positive and look forward for the future! Life is never perfect. It’s never easy. Everyone is facing their own problems. It’s how we deal with it.

So, for my thirtieth birthday I planned to go to a place (beach) where I can chill and explore. And that’s El Nido. I honestly didn’t plan to drink (walwal) on my birthday. When I went to my hostel, i met a friend (Majo). She told me about the Pub Crawl. And of course, I said yes.

Spin Hostel’s Pub crawl is every Friday night (8pm onwards) for only Php300. Fatty (ami_tough) is our Master Spinner. She organizes events at Spin.

The event starts at the hostel. (Spin El Nido) We have to introduce ourselves coz they say that “in Spin, strangers become friends”. So true! And course, we need to drink our shot before we start! 🤭

Let the Pub Crawl begin…..!!!!!!!?!!!



For chill “Titas of Manila” like me, this is the place to be! Rooftop has a laidback province vibes that I really like…. From it’s wooden structure, homey feels and artistic design. And fyi, you need to remove your slippers!


This is my favorite one! I just love to chill and drink beach-front. I also love their songs. They also have shisha that I tried for the first time. Would love to go back here!


Did I just hear PARTYYYYY???!!!! Yes! This is the place for party-goers slash dancers! Lol! I honestly enjoyed this bar too! Love the beats and i love to dance 💃🏼 too!!! We had sooo much fun partying!

It’s so much fun to see it on video! So please check this out!

Vlog ⬇️⬇️⬇️

That’s the 3 bars we visited in El Nido! I love them all!!! Though Sava is my favorite! What do you guys think? Comment which bar is your peg. And who you want to spend your time here with….

Sea you!

💡Pro Tip

Visit The Beach Shack bar and restaurant in Las Cabanas for the perfect sunset.

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Travels!


Edge ❤️




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