by: Edge Dulatas

Happy New Year guys! I’m sooo excited for 2018. That’s why I’m starting my year with my first camping experience! This time I’m not alone.. haha! I’m with Monique. She found a Php 700 Metrodeal promo. And we grabbed the opportunity! Without any idea of where we are going, I said yes to her. And here we are!

Honestly, I didn’t expect that we are going to a paradise! I set my expectations low because I was thinking I only paid 700php for the trip. Haha! And most photos in google was edited or something. I made up my mind that the place we are going is not soooo okay…. hahahaha! Which is a good thing! ‘Coz I was surprised! This is New Zealand!!!! Wtf! I made it to NZ with only Php700! Lol! (Nagsasa, Zambales) Nagsasa Cove is the cheapest and most beautiful island I’ve ever seen! For real!

How To Get There

  • Cubao – Ride Victory Liner bus going to Olongapo and from Olongapo transfer bus going to Iba, get down in San Antonio Municipal Hall, Ride tricycle going to Pundaquit
  • (Buses going straight to Iba Zambales will depart at 5am/ or check their website/ they respond quick to emails)
  • Travel time is 4-5 hrs (depending on traffic)

Photo from google

Zambales is a province in the Philippines located in the Central Luzon region in the island of Luzon.



  • 3am Cubao
  • 6am Olongapo
  • 7am San Antonio, Zambales
  • 8am Buy groceries etc to the Market
  • 9am Pundaquit (ride boat)
  • 10am Anawangin Island Hopping
  • 11am Nagsasa Cove
  • 12 nn Lunch
  • 1pm rest
  • 2pm walk around
  • 3pm Surfing
  • 5pm Trek to Mt. Bira Bira
  • 6pm Sunset
  • 7pm Dinner
  • 9pm Bonfire (we slept early! Lol!)


  • 7am Wake up (walk around)
  • 8am Breakfast
  • 9am Walk to the Lake
  • 10am Swimming
  • 11am going to Capones Island
  • 12 nn Capones Island (we can’t go down coz it’s high tide)
  • 1pm Pundaquit
  • 2pm bus going Olongapo
  • 4pm bus going to Cubao
  • 9pm ETA in Cubao 🙂


  • Bring foods! (as in Madami/ may bilihan pero mejo mahal, reasonable naman)
  • Bring water
  • Bring insect repellent lotion
  • Bring cash (no atm)
  • Bring sleeping bag! (You can rent though we didn’t know and end up sleeping in the sand! Not a good idea!)
  • Bring your beshy, family and friends! Or jowa (bf)
  • Bring flashlight/powerbank (no electricity)


  • Going There

From Cubao to Olongapo 212php

Bus olongapo to San Antonio 44php

Tric 30php

Env fee 20php


Entrance fee 100php

  • Going back

Tricycle going to San Antonio 35php

Bus going to Olongapo 40php

Bus going to Cubao 212php

1,392 transpo (rt)

300 food or baon or grocery

400 pocket money for souvenirs/extra foods/ hot water/ toliet/ etc

100 surfing (optional)

1,700 Total (without pocket money)

1,400 Total (if you’ll bring baon from home)

Bring some extra 💰


Thank you so much for reading!



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