by: Edge Dulatas

Monique and I planned this trip for one month. Initially, the plan is to go to Baguio. That’s what Monique wanted. I said yes because she resigned from work. Felt like It was our last bonding before she goes so busy with stuff. Honestly, I needed this trip. Not only because of stress from a lot of things but also to relax and post something on my blog. Haha!😬

I went to Baguio when I was a little girl. Always excited to explore things and places and food. Though Monique told me that we will just stare somewhere. (That’s a nice plan actually!) And i made a list of cafes and restaurants just in case we starve. Unfortunately, nothing on the Itineraryworked out. I’m OC in stuff though i gotta give it a try to do things out of plans. So, I won’t share Itineraries. I will just share photos of our fun time in Baguio.

Actually we went to La Union too!


Okay there will be a guy on the photos, that’s my friend Jordan. (Just friends)

Let’s s get back to the fun time!

How to Get There?

  • Private car- waze please
  • Bus (Cubao/ Pasay)
  • Joy Bus Deluxe

Of course, i will suggest Joy Bus. Though it’s a bit expensive. (720 terminal) (790 online)

We arrived so early at 6am! With no plans. Hahaha! Then kuya taxi offered City Tour for P2,500.00 from 8am-6pm. I really wanted to sleep that time but we don’t have a choice but to get the city tour. It’s worth it actually! Monique and I booked at Guesthaven Bed and Breakfast. And Jordan stayed at Iggy’s Inn. (I like Iggy’s Inn coz it’s cheap)

nfortunately we arrived early at Guesthaven and they didn’t hear us outside the gate hahaha! (We called the landline too) . It’s our fault we didn’t advice them that we will leave our things early morning. The next plan is to try call Iggy’s Inn hoping we could leave our bags. And yes, they are accommodating.

We ride taxi! And I really have to recognize the job well done. It’s actually my first time to get a change of 3 pesos from 50 pesos taxi fare! 😱😱😱 They are very kind and helpful.

Choco-late de Batirol

The original plan is to do nothing. Hahaha! And we end up doing a lot! A whole lot! It it the longest day/night of my life. With no sleep to full day tour and night out. Speaking of Day Tour. We met a nice taxi driver and we got a Php2,500 Day Tour from 9am to 6pm (not bad right?) Sorry for flooding you of photos. Most places are best explain in photos and hard to describe in words. In case you want more, please follow my ig accout Travels By Edge. Haha!

Bell Church

Colors of Stobosa

Strawberry Farm

Tam-Awan Village

Ben Cab MuseumPhilippine Military Academy We were so tired and I really needed sleep. We went to the Public Market for Jordan’s knife. (Sorry no photos of the market) Then we went to our hotel for check-in at Guesthaven Bed and Breakfast.

Just when I thought we are “just getting food”, the receptionist suggested to go to Baguio Craft Brewery. I WANT SLEEP!!!!!!!!!One of the plans was going to the Cafe By the Ruins. Though this trip was so spontaneous and we didn’t do anything according to plan. Not complaining! Haha! This is one of the best memories of my life. Felt like dying but I’m so happy!!! Who can relate?

Baguio Craft Brewery


Finally, just rest and donothing. We ate breakfast though!

And of course, more photos please! Haha!

Guesthaven Bed and Breakfast Baguio

We ride the Partas Bus in Baguio Terminal. We just looked for a LaUnion sign. The travel is than two hours. And we asked the conductor to drop us at Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel.


Kahuna Restaurant

Chasing Sunsets

Tangadan Falls



  • Choco de Batirol
  • Bell Church
  • Colors of Stobosa
  • Strawberry Farm La Trinidad Benguet
  • Tam-Awan Village
  • Good Taste Restaurant (sorry no photos)
  • Bencab Museum
  • Philippine Military Academy
  • Public Market
  • Check in at Guesthaven Bed and Breakfast
  • Baguio Craft Brewery


  • Breakfast at Guesthaven
  • Photo is life (lol!)
  • Partas Bus going to La Union
  • Check in at Flotsam and Jetsam
  • Kahuna Restaurant for lunch
  • Walk in the beach
  • Sunset
  • Flotsam and Jetsam Resto at night


  • Trekking at Tangadan Falls(6am to 12 noon)
  • Cliff Diving
  • Surfing
  • Mad Monkeys Burger
  • Partas Bus going to Cubao

It’s 3d2n full pack day and night. I suggest don’t follow this! Hahahaha! Just get some rest. And ELYU is for chill, you know! Have fun! And be HAPPY always!

Photos were all mine.

iphone only.

Thanks for reading! 


Edge ❤️

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