by: Edge Dulatas

“WOW” is the BEST word to describe Davao! From the spectacular white sand beaches to sumptuous tuna belly…… 
“WOW” is the only word that I could say….

Davao exceeded my expectations…. From the honest taxi drivers, clean city and parks, courteous hotel staffs, beautiful resorts and beaches 👌🏻 and best tasting food….. That is the only city I wanted to live in….. (If ever I will settle down in the future….i will definitely say yes!) (ehem ehem!)
I fell in love with Davao! It’s not love at first sight… But my love grows deeper each day. From Day 1 to my Day 4, I promise, it is worth it! 
My friend (Jinkee) invited me to join her coz she has a conference. But I have to be alone for 2 days…. 😭😭😭 Honestly, i was afraid to go alone. Then, every people I meet in Davao makes me feel comfortable and safe. I really get used to traveling alone so I made a list of the 5 tips when traveling solo. Haha! 
I have a lot of things to say…. But i cannot find the right words… 

For me, DAVAO is beautiful….. 

It is safe….

And the beaches is unbelievably near….. It’s crazy near!!!! 



  • 3:45am (Cebu Pacific Mnl-Dvo Php3,772.12 roundtrip)
  • 6:00am Breakfast
  • 7:00am Leave things at the hotel 
  • 8:15am Bankerohan Market (ride jeep/ van going to Calinan Php40)
  • 9:15am From Calinan, ride Habal-Habal going to Philippine Eagle (Php10)
  • 9:30am Philippine Eagle (Php150) Take pictures /walk around etc
  • 11:00am Malagos Garden Resort (entrance Php200/ with buffet lunch P550)
  • 12:00noon Lunch at Malagos Resort
  • 2:00pm Ride Habal to Calinan (Php10)
  • 2:10pm Calinan to Bankerohan Market (Php40)
  • 3:15pm Bankerohan Market to Lanang (Php8 jeep or Php100 taxi)
  • 3:30pm Check in at Red Planet Davao (Php1,500/night)
  • 4:00pm Shower / sleep
  • 7:00pm Jack’s Ridge (Php170 taxi)
  • 7:40pm Taklobo Restaurant at Jack’s Ridge


Island Hopping Tour

  • Talicud Island Hopping (Php380 Bring your own food joiner at Sta Wharf)
  • Babusanta Resort
  • Coral Garden’s
  • Angel’s Cove
  • Wishing Island


  • 7:00am Breakfast at Taps 
  • 8:00am People’s Park (free entrance)
  • 8:45am Taxi (Buy pasalubong at stalls on the road)
  • 9:30am Marina Wharf (going to Pearl Farm
  • 11:00am Pearl Farm Beach Resort
  • 2:00pm Check-in (Php9000 for 2pax)
  • 3:00pm Rest
  • 5:00pm Walk around/ Take Photos
  • 7:00pm Dinner 
  • 8:00pm Movie Night at the Parola House


  • 7:00am Stroll around Mandaya House 
  • 8:00am Breakfast (included)
  • 10:00am Malipano Villas (boat every hour free for guest)
  • 11:00am Swim 
  • 12:00noon check out
  • 1:00pm Boat ride going back to Marina Wharf (free)
  • 2:00pm Car going to the airport (free for guest)


  • The Philippine Eagle/Malagos Resort /Eden is far…. make sure you join a group that will rent your own ride 
  • If you are traveling solo like me, go to Bankerohan Market then ride jeep to Calinan then ride habal
  • This is not sponsored but check-in at Red Planet Hotel Davao, it has value for your money… near malls, airport and wharfs
  • Book on Agoda. It’s cheaper (not sponsored)
  • Taxi drivers are the best! 😉 (never had problems with taxi in Davao)
  • Buy water food etc in the groceries
  • Pearl Farm Davao was best resort I’ve been to… seriously! great service 👌🏻 (not sponsored)
  • If you are in a budget, there are a lot of cheaper resorts for day tour. 
  • Php6k-7k will be more than enough for 4 days budget.(depending on how you stretch your money)


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Photos were all mine. iphone only.

Thanks for reading! 



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