by: Edge Dulatas

Marhay na Aga! Welcome to Caramoan Group of Islands! 

My family and I booked a 3d2n Caramoan tour in a travel agency. We spent 20 hours in the van going to Caramoan Town Proper.  I’ve heard good and beautiful things about Caramoan. And it doesn’t disappoint. The island is super amazing! The big rock formation reminds me of Palawan. (Only cheaper!)

I won’t lie! This trip has been the longest van ride I’ve ever had my entire life! I will suggest another way of going here. Haha! 
Honestly, I would never do it again by van ride! But I will definitely be back! 👍🏻
Caramoan gave my family and I such an unforgettable experience. From the amazing view of our boat rides to my first ever rock climbing experience. It was truly superb!

Summer time with my family is ” THE BEST” time of the year! So, here are my 5 reasons why you should travel with your FAMILY…….

Reason #1

Time flies….. Before you know it, it’s Christmas time again! 😱😱😱

Reason #2


I have the happiest time of the life when I’m with my parents and siblings.

Reason #3


It’s fun to experience new things, discover new places, laugh and talk about anything and everything under the sun. (Literally under the sun! 😂😬🤣)

Reason #4

It’s always nice to spend time with the people you truly love.

Reason #5

FAMILY is the people you love. And wherever you guys are, you’re HOME.

Caramoan is located in the lower eastern part of Camarines Sur in the Bicol Region.

photo via google

How To Get There

  • RIDE A PLANE!!!!! please! Don’t waste your time in the van.
  • Naga Airport – SM City Naga – Sabang Port -Caramoan Guijalo Port


We woke up early at 5:30am for breakfast. Caramoan Town Proper is 20 minutes away to Paniman Port. At 7:30am, we started the 5 Caramoan Island Tour.


  • Lahos Island

  • Matukad Island

  • Cagbalinad Island

  • Bosdak Island (Black Beach)

  • Minalahos Island

LEGAZPI- Mayon Volcano



Cam Sur Watersports Complex

This trip (or every trip with my family) is truly amazing to me! Caramoan is very beautiful. Even their Black Beach (Bosdak Island) is not really black. The prestine white sand of Caramoan is definitely one of a kind. The amazing view from the top of the rock formation make my heart skip a beat! God truly moves in mysterious ways. 


  • Ride a plane to Naga ✔️
  • If ever you will ride a van, make sure that the driver really knows the way to Bicol (super slow internet connection/waze can’t help you there)
  • NEVER go there on a super long weekend! (We went on a holy week. 20hrs van ride going there 😔)
  • It’s always brown-out in Caramoan Town Proper. Look for a really nice hotel with good generator. 
  • Bring insect repellent lotion
  • Wear trekking sandals or shoes
  • Bring food for lunch
  • Be reminded of the low-tide time. We didn’t get the chance to get off the boat in Minalahos Island.
  • Ask the tour guide to be with you on climbing rocks (they take good photos too!)

Caramoan Islands is really far but it’s definitely worth it! I promise! 


Photos were all mine. iphone only.

Thanks for reading! 



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