by: Edge Dulatas


On 2015, the fastest way to Siargao is via Cebu (Cebu Pacific Air). Manila-Cebu-Siargao flights. But now, Skyjet fly direct. 

I arrived 2pm at Cebu Aiport from Siargao. And my flight Cebu-Manila is at 10pm. 

As a first-timer, my friend (Tin Siason) gave me a lot of tips on traveling. Thanks Tin! 😘 One of her advices was to ride grab/ uber. It’s safe and affordable. They even have discounts/promos. 

My grab fare was around Php200. The grab driver was very helpful. He told me that Cebu is a very nice place with nice people…. He also told me to be wise. “Walang maloloko kung walang magpapaloko…..” (No one is a con-man if no one is a fool! Or, no con-men will thrive where everyone is smart.) nice one kuya driver! 

The grab driver dropped me at Basillica del Sto. Nino. Wear dress and no sleeveless. They also provide scraf for cover-ups. 

There was an earthquake on 2013. It took them 2 years to restore a historical  landmark. The faith of the people is amazing. 

I also went to the museum but no photos allowed, sorry. 

I walked around the place to search for Chorizo…. and hey, i found it! 😍😘😊

Across the grill house is the Fort San Pedro. Just keep walking.(Php30 entrance fee)

And of course, Magellan’s Cross…… 

I went back for the 6pm mass…The priest and the sisters have a really good singing voice…. It was raining but the faith of the people is unstoppable…The mass is in english! Yay! This is the place where I wanted to bring my mom… I couldn’t describe how I felt. It was so peaceful. My soul was moved by this place and it’s people. 


  • Ride grab/uber for safety 
  • There’s a lot of traffic (huhu) give allowance on travel time. 
  • Buy pasalubong on shamrock 
  • No shorts/ sleeveles on Basillica church
  • Eat! Lechon and chorizo it is! 

Photos were all mine. iphone only.

Thanks for reading! 




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