by: Edge Dulatas

“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind”

This is the most memorable trip for our family. It’s the first time we go on a trip on a holy week. Actually, anywhere with them is absolutely perfect. 👌🏻 They are my most favorite people in whole wide world. 
I wish I could bring my family to the most beautiful places in the country. I love to be with them. And to enjoy life with them. Lucky me ‘coz they got married early. My mom is just 44 now and my dad is 52. You do the math how old my mom when she gave birth. Haha! 
I wish I have this life of love and adventures with my family forever …❤

Honestly, the travel time part via van was not fun. At all. It was 8 hours going to Vigan and 13 hours in all to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. If you have a budget, ride a plane. If not, wait for promos. Haha!

I don’t know why people take their photos in the bridge! We just got off the van and said cheese!!! 

Of course, I have my OOTD ig photo!lol!



  • 10:00pm Departure via van (Php1,500/ head)


  • 6:00am Picture at the bridge
  • 8:00am Check in at the hotel (Php3,000/ night 7pax)
  • 9:00am Pottery
  • 10:00am Hidden Garden
  • 11:00am Baluarte
  • 12:00noon Lunch at the park
  • 2:00pm back to the hotel /rest
  • 5:00pm cook dinner
  • 6:00pm Dinner
  • 7:00pm Calle Crisologo (unfortunately, it’s brown-out)



  • 3:00am Breakfast
  • 4:00am van to Paoay
  • 6:00am Marcos’ House/Batac Church
  • 6:30am Paoay Church
  • 7:00am Paoay Sand Dunes
  • 11:00am Windmills
  • 12:00noon lunch at Carienderia
  • 1:00pm Pagudpud Beach
  • 5:00pm Back to Paoay Church for empanada and street foods
  • 6:30pm back to Vigan
  • 9:30pm Calle Crisologo
  • 11:30pm back to the hotel 

Sand Dunes, Paoay

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte


  • 7:00am Breakfast
  • 9:00am Pasalubong (Marsha’s delicacies)
  • 12:00noon lunch along the highway
  • 3:00pm Manaoag Church
  • 5:00pm Back to Manila ( heavy traffic)
  • 12:00mn Home


  • Make an itinerary. (This is a no brainer but we let the driver tour us  without itinerary😔 so we didn’t maximize the time)
  • Pack light
  • Eat street foods in Paoay and Calle Crisologo. It will save you money and it tastes good too!
  • In Pagudpud hotels, book in advance esp on holidays
  • Strong waves in Pagudpud (not a good thing for me)
  • It’s a loooooong van ride. Bring pillows/ blankets

Chasing Sunsets

Photos were all mine. iphone only. 

Thanks for reading! 





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