by: Edge Dulatas

Yes! I’m also ALONE here! Hahaha!

I really wanted to go to the beach. None of my friends are available. I found an airfare promo at PAL. So, I decided to go alone. I’m not broken-hearted nor searching for myself….. I just really wanted to go the beach. 😊
I don’t have any hotel reservations. I arrived late at night. The good thing about Bora is that there are a lot of people, hotels, restos and stores.

I went to Station 2 and look for a hotel. I found cheap hotel near Real Coffee. Dropped my bag then PARTY! Lol!

There are a lot of beach-front bars. My friend recommended Epic Bar and Summer Place. I don’t really drink. Bought Jack and Coke though. (Just for display lol!)

Since I’m alone and I’m not a good swimmer, I decided to try some fun activities.



  • 5:30pm (PAL Manila- Kalibo Php2,192 roundtrip)
  • 7:00pm 1.5hr van ride (Php250)
  • 9:00pm Boat 10 minutes (Php30) 
  • Terminal Fee- Php100
  • Environmental Fee-Php75
  • 9:40pm tricycle Php25-100
  • 10:00pm Station 2 (look for a cheap hotel)
  • 10:30 Check-in hotel near Real Coffee (Php1,500/ night Villa Simprosa) 
  • 10:40 Buy groceries
  • 11:00pm Epic Bar (Php700) (it depends)


  • 6:00 Breakfast
  • 6:30 Walk in the beach (jog/ yoga)
  • 9:00am Paddle Board (Php300/hr)
  • 11:00am Helmet Diving
  • 1:00pm Lunch at an affordable resto near Real Coffee (Php100/meal)
  • 2:00pm Shower
  • 3:00pm Rest
  • 4:00pm ATV (Php600)
  • 4:30pm Mt. Luho
  • 5:30pm Para Sailing
  • 7:00 Dinner at Hoy Panga (Php350)
  • 8:00 Rest
  • 10:00pm Night out (Regae chill mode along the beach)

Paddle Board

I met 2 children and we became friends! 😊 I’m still friends with their mom up to now.


Helmet Diving Underwater Exploration








ATV Island Off-Road



Sunset Sailing on a Paraw


It was a whole day of fun adventures!

Hoy Panga

I found this resto across the street.(near Mcdo) I find the ambiance really nature-friendly. I wish I have a boyfriend ‘coz it’s romantic to be with someone you love in this island.


  • 6:00am Breakfast
  • 7:00am Island Tour (Php800) / unfortunately it rained so just went to Real Coffee
  • 9:00 Swimming (while it’s raining!)
  • 11:00noon Brunch
  • 2:00pm Boracay Toilet
  • 3:00pm Station 1 Grotto
  • 3:30pm Jonah’s Fruitshake
  • 4:30pm Walk around the beach/take photos
  • 5:30pm Watch sunset
  • 7:30pm Dinner (cup noodles/ julie’s bakeshop)
  • 9:00pm Walk around D’Mall/ window shopping/ walk around bars
  • 10:00pm Massage at Taj hotel(near real coffee) Php350

Every trip, i make sure to get a good massage!

Real Coffee

Coffee-lovers?? Put your hands up!!!!!

Me me me…. I’m lucky ‘coz this coffee shop is just outside my hotel room. Dine-in is on the second floor. Having coffee with the beach-view is more than enough. Try their calamansi muffin!

Boracay Toilet

Jonah’s Fruitshake-Station 1

Chill afternoon with shake is the best!

Jonah’s fruitshake has a lot of flavors to choose from. Don’t forget to try this!


  • 6:00am Breakfast
  • 6:30am Walk/ Take photos
  • 7:00am Tricycle (Php20); Boat (Php25) ; Bus (Php120)
  • 9:00am Airport
  • 11:30am Manila 😊


  • Don’t sleep that much (this is a bad advice! But i did everything coz i stay awake all the time. I go for activities in the morning and party at night)
  • Haggle! Always! They charge higher on foreigners 😔 sorry! I feel bad too!
  • Transportation (van and boat ride) is cheaper in the morning. (I arrived around 10pm 😔)
  • Buy groceries. It’s cheaper. Buy water in groceries too. 
  • Be flexible with your itinerary. (You don’t know when it’s gonna rain)
  • Traveling solo doesn’t mean you should be alone all the time.
  • Make friends to everyone! As in everyone! I met 2 children, their parents, an elementary student on the tricycle, 2 foreigners on para sailing, had dinner with the kuya tour guide, night life with a girl I met in a carinderia (with her bf), afternoon chizmiz with ate waitress……etc..
  • Don’t just travel, live like a local!

Chasing Sunsets



Photos were all mine. iphone only. 

Thanks for reading! 




I met a random guy, he said he was studying photography in Germany. He asked if he can take a photo.
This is what he send me after an hour……

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